NordVPN Review


Online security is a primary concern for people. Since COVID-19, the US FBI has received 300% more cases of cybercrimes

Hackers are always in a way to breach into a system and jeopardize the lives of users. 

Whether you are in your office, home, or public Wi-Fi, your online privacy is at risk almost every time. 

I’m not saying that your internet connection is vulnerable, or all the websites out there are filled with phishing scripts and malware. 

It won’t be like one day you wake and boom! Your system is hacked. 

You must know that hackers take a step-by-step approach.

Hackers make small developments into compromising your online privacy, followed by stealing data. 

Plus, few websites also deploy malware that hampers the browsing at users’ end. In extreme cases, the virus could also make your system sluggish and corrupt your local data.

Your internet service provider has the data on every website you have ever visited after purchasing the connection. 

In countries like the USA, ISPs can sell their customers’ browsing data to agencies and organizations. So, in such cases, your browsing activity is even more exposed to third-parties.

To avoid all these scenarios, you have to secure your web privacy. You can purchase a dedicated proxy or use a free IP address, but those are still not full-proof.

You need a more robust, secure, and trustworthy alternative if you are browsing the web heavily. 

If you own a business that runs online, then online privacy has to be your top priority. Most importantly, finding one solution for all the scenarios has to be your goal to streamline tasks. 

A VPN is a great solution to cope with these situations. VPN stands for a virtual private network that routes your data transmission through its secure channel that ensures complete privacy and anonymity. 

A good VPN does not log your browsing activity and provides high-speed connectivity. 

That being said, there are tons of VPNs in the market. And we know that you cannot go to each VPN provider to understand every one of them.

Therefore, we have created this series of NordVPN review articles, where we discuss world-class VPNs in detail.

Today, we are going to talk about NordVPN.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started. 

image Credit: NordVPN

A brief overview of NordVPN Review

NordVPN is the brainchild of four childhood friends, who invented the company in 2012. Their focus is to make internet censorship-free.

Initially, they created a product and shared it with their families and friends. Now, NordVPN is serving 12 million people around the world with its VPN connection.

The NordVPN, the name is inspired by nordic ideals, which means trust, confidence, and innovation. 

Its name’s origins clearly define the product’s philosophy and core beliefs — maximizing internet freedom to all web browsers.

Before we dive deep into the features and understand NordVPN’s ecosystem, let’s understand what the advantages and disadvantages of using NordVPN are.

  • No-logs policy
  • This is one of the important benefits of using NordVPN.
  • They are providing what they truly believe in – uncensored and uninterrupted internet connectivity throughout the world.
  • They don’t log the browsing activity of their customers.
  • So, whatever you browse and whatever you download through the NordVPN connection, you are assured that your activity won’t be monitored by the brand or anybody else.
  • image-2.png
  • Interestingly, they have mentioned on their website that they have never willingly disclosed user data or traffic history to any third-party government or private and public organizations.
  • And while writing this article, NordVPN has claimed that it has never received government letters or national security orders.
  • Reliable Kill Switch
  • Kill switch is a vital feature, which we are going to discuss below in detail, to maintain the secrecy of a user’s internet connectivity.
  • NordVPN’s kill switch is very accurate and robust. Therefore, your internet privacy is always stay intact while browsing the web.
  • Multiple Devices’ Support
  • If you have multiple devices at your home, you can secure all of them using one NordVPN subscription.
  • NordVPN supports simultaneous logins on up to 6 devices per connection. Therefore, a single plan can cover multiple devices.
  • Plus, it supports almost every platform and device.
  • VPN encrypts data transmission of devices like Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Wi-Fi routers.
  • Therefore, you don’t need to go for a new plan to secure other devices at home because NordVPN has got you covered.
  • Affordable Pricing
  • If you go for the long term, NordVPN provides an aggressive pricing structure, which we will discuss in detail below.
  • Just $3.49/month for 36 months is a no-brainer considering the quality of the product and support you are getting.
  • 5,000+ High-quality VPN Servers
  • VPN servers are the soul of a VPN provider.
  • The servers are responsible for giving a high-quality speed and uninterrupted and anonymous access to the web.
  • NordVPN is known for its superior speed from world-class VPN servers. As I’ll show you in a different section below, NordVPN’s speed is reliable and enough for all sorts of internet users.
  • Phenomenal Support
  • Whenever you get stuck at something, NordVPN’s support is always there to assist you.
  • They give live chat, email, and ticket support to customers. You can leverage your preferred channel whenever you want and get solutions to your questions and queries from the professional and experienced support team.
  • image-3.png
  • Accepts Cryptocurrencies as Payment
  • This is a unique advantage of NordVPN.
  • Not many VPN providers accept payment through Bitcoin or other ICOs.
  • NordVPN’s prospects have got a great alternative of subscribing to plans by spending cryptocurrency.
  • One can pay through Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum to pay for subscriptions.
  • Unlock Unlimited Content Access on Netflix and Other OTT Platforms
  • The shows which are available in the USA are not accessible in India or Singapore.
  • Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and other OTT platforms limit their content to geographical locations.
  • With NordVPN, you no longer have to limit your content library. You can log in to a USA server and access the OTT platform without any restrictions.
  • The Client Software Might be Overwhelming to Few Users
  • Mobile applications and software are high at what they do. But the first-time VPN users will have to go through a few videos and articles to understand how these software work.
  • It’s not a major con, but I always prefer self-explanatory UI.
  • You can effectively connect to a VPN server, so no problem at executing essential functions. However, to use kill switch, VPN Protocol, CyberSec, one might have to figure stuff out on the software.
  • Short-term prices are costlier
  • If someone wants to purchase a monthly plan, they have to pay a slightly high price.
  • To get the best value for money, only long-term plans are viable.

1.NordVPN key differentiating features

Well-known for customer support

NordVPN’s support is always there for you 24/7. 

Whether you want a refund, technical assistance, or usability issue, you can contact the support through live chat, email, or ticket. 

Robust customer support makes you feel comfortable using that product. You won’t feel left alone whenever you have stuck anywhere. It brings peace of mind to customers that they can go to an authorized entity whenever they are stuck. 

Accepts Cryptocurrencies as Payment 

Nordvpn accepts payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. And that opens up a lot of options for people. 

Besides credit cards and PayPal, cryptocurrencies bring convenience for prospects as they have another option to pay for premium VPN solutions. 

Not many other VPN service providers support cryptocurrency as one of the payment providers.

NordVPN is Multipurpose

Nord VPN is best suitable for enterprises and individual users. 

Very few VPN service providers are actually flexible enough to be good for such a vast demographic.

Enterprises and organizations with big teams, who have more requirements compared to freelancers or individuals, can leverage NordVPN Teams, which we will discuss in-depth below.

NordVPN Teams’ main feature includes:

  • Control panel
  • Centralized billing
  • Dedicated account managers 

Multi-protocol support

As one of the leading VPN providers of the market, NordVPN has several VPN protocols that you can choose based on your requirements. 

You get:

  • OpenVPN
  • IPSec/IKEv2
  • Wireguard
  • SSTP

Each of them has unique use cases and virtues to scale the performance of the VPN connection and provide granular control to the users. 

Top-quality Security Measures 

All VPN subscriptions can enable Double VPN. 

As the name goes, you get two VPN servers’ connectivity for enhanced security. In the regular VPN connection, your traffic is routed through two VPN servers before it reaches the website’s server. 

Plus, they have CyberSec – Advanced Security Solution, for their customers.

CyberSec is one of the core elements of the NordVPN network to enable advanced internet privacy. 

With the help of CyberSec, NordVPN automatically blocks malicious websites known to deploy phishing scams and malware. 

Now, you will never get caught in a DDoS attack. CyberSec will also skip irritating ads on your device so that you can have a smooth browsing experience. 

  1. 3.Here’s a quick table to everything you need to know about NordVPN
SpeedNote: We need login credentials to do so.
Servers and their locations5111 servers in 59 countries
Security IKEv2/IPsec, NordLynx, 256-bit AES, OpenVPN 
No-logging policyYes
Compatible PlatformsWindows, iOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox Devices & Extensions
Censorship None
Support Live chat, email, and ticket 
Target customers Enterprises, agencies, freelancers, individuals
Editor’s Rating: 4.8/5
  1. 4.NordVPN in Numbers

(with the usage of graphs, tables, images to bring clarity)

  1. 4.1.Speed

Here we will mention the speed of the VPNs from USA servers. We will use OOKLA to test speed.

Note: We need login credentials to do so.

  1. 4.2.Servers and their locations

NordVPN provides a good number of servers at popular geographical locations.

Currently, they have 5110 servers across 59 countries around the world.

They have covered almost every famous country and city around the world. Some countries have got a string of servers with different functionalities.

Here’s the brief split of the number of servers region-wise. 

  • America: 2253 servers
  • Europe:  2066 servers
  • Africa, the Middle East, and India: 123 servers
  • Asia Pacific: 667 servers

Such a broad range of servers allow users to access the internet without any restrictions at high speed.

In each region and major country, you can select different specialty server types.

  • Double VPN servers
  • Onion Over VPN servers
  • Onion Over VPN servers
  • P2P Servers
  • Obfuscated servers
  • Standard VPN servers
  1. 4.3.Streaming

Does NordVPN work with Netflix? 

We will show that it can stream shows at high-definition. I will require a Netflix account to test this with actual screenshots.

Note: We need login credentials to do so.

  1. 4.4.Torrenting
  • Again, we will talk about speed 
  • We will go and download a torrent and map the download speed by adding the screenshot of OOKLA.

Note: We need login credentials to do so.

  1. 4.5.Gaming

We will play a game online and mention the speed that we got.

Note: We need login credentials to do so.

  1. 4.6.Security & Privacy

How secure is NordVPN?  

Security is critical when you are browsing; that’s why we are discussing VPN in the first place — making browsing secure, robust, and fast. 

Even if you are browsing social media platforms or checking your email on a public Wi-Fi, your privacy is at significant risk. Hackers and surveillance agencies are always looking for users and monitor their browsing habits. 

In the worst case, you might end up in a cyberattack as well. 

By the least, your ISP will always know what you are browsing in the separate window. Sometimes, they might also give you a warrant or limit your internet bandwidth.

Therefore, you should get a VPN connection, which will enable world-class encryption, which is hard to break by any hacker, period.

With NordVPN, you don’t have to worry about anything. 

The VPN provider uses a 256-bit AES encryption algorithm to make your data unreadable while broadcasting to website servers. That means, even if someone tries multiple keys’ combinations to read the data, it will take decades to get the right message. 

NordVPN uses an encrypted tunnel to establish your browser connection to the website server. 

So, any data packets transmitted from your browser to the web server are entirely secured.

Double VPN

NordVPN uses Double VPN for better security and enhanced privacy. That means your internet traffic is routed through two VPN servers, making it more secured and encrypted before it reaches the web server. 

This gives you more security. For a double VPN, NordVPN uses its own server. 

They just place another VPN on the route. 

So, you get the same world-class security, high-quality encryption, and reliable servers, but twice. 

Double VPN
Image Credit: NordVPN

Now, with Double VPN security, your devices’ IP address gets masked twice, so there are no chances in the universe you become traceable to anyone. 

This feature is only for security. So, since your data packets travel through one more server, the internet speed might get slow. 

Therefore, it is not for day-to-day browsing, for that, regular NordVPN is enough. Double VPN security is best for journalists, P2P downloads, and private file transfers. 

CyberSec – Advanced Security Solution

NordVPN has developed CyberSec, which is a highly-advanced security solution to maximize privacy and security for customers. 

With this feature, NordVPN identifies websites and online resources known for phishing scams, malware distribution, and web hijacking. 

CyberSec manages a list of websites. They have a database of malicious websites. They check that database whenever a customer tries to visit a website. So, whenever a user is trying to visit a website in the database, NordVPN will show a warning message. 

Cyber Security

CyberSec also bypasses custom advertisements that hamper your browsing experience.

You will get clean web pages with no popups and uncluttered affiliate banners at all. 

Although due to Google’s policy, CyberSec is not fully accessible on Android devices. But it still can help you by blocking access to suspicious websites.

Highly-effective Kill Switch

Whenever you browse the internet through a VPN, first, your internet is connected to a VPN server which routes the data to a web server you want to access. 

So, you should get constant connectivity of both, internet and VPN, to keep browsing the web privately. 

If your VPN connection is lost, you get connected to the ISP directly, which exposes your IP address and identity. 

Therefore, you have to keep checking your VPN connection to ensure that you are still connected to it, and you must disconnect your internet if the VPN is disconnected.

With NordVPN, you don’t have to go through such hassle. Your internet is automatically terminated if NordVPN is not connected. As soon as the latter is retrieved, you quickly get connected back to the internet. 

This happens because of the kill switch.

Kill switch is a boon to never ever reveal your identity in any circumstances.

  1. 4.7.Compatible Platforms, Devices & Extensions

Note: We are discussing setting up a VPN to different devices in-depth in a dedicated section below. So, I haven’t mentioned it here. 

  1. 4.8.User experience (what is the exp of the user in setup, connection, and other usages, etc.)

Note: We can talk about the user experience and user-friendliness of the VPN in their respective sections. 1. Like talking about speed in connection with OOKLA screenshots above. 

2. Talk about UI UX of software in the dedicated section below.

  1. 4.9.Censorship 

NordVPN is available in almost all the leading countries around the world. They support all the major cities of the United States, Russia, China, Middle East, Asia, etc.

That makes NordVPN a robust VPN service provider.  

  1. 4.10.Support (customer service)

With NordVPN, you have got dedicated and qualified support on email, ticket, and live chat.

Their support is excellent. I’d say that customer support is one of the core reasons I recommend NordVPN to people.

For all the use cases, their support is always there for customers. 

Whether you are 

  • Stuck on the setup process, 
  • Have performance issues 
  • Getting any technical glitches 

The customer support of NordVPN is available to your assistance 24×7.

They also love their product and are confident about its quality. 

Therefore, they are giving a 30-day money-back guarantee with all their purchases. 

Even if you are not satisfied with the performance, your money is not lost. 

You can reach out to their support and tell them about a refund, and you will get it as soon as possible.

  1. 4.11.Target customers – B2C and B2B customers

NordVPN is one of the rare VPN service providers, who are multipurpose. 

That means whether you are an individual or an organization, you can trust this VPN solutions’ quality and performance.

The regular subscription is suitable for individuals and small organizations. 

Everything that we have discussed so far —support, performance, 30-day money-back guarantee, security, — comes with the standard NordVPN package. 

If you are a corporate, you can purchase Business VPN.

Business VPN goes one step ahead from standard NordVPN subscription and provides granular control over everything related to your VPN requirements. 

Team Member
Image Credit: Pixabay

You get a dedicated VPN control panel, like a dashboard to manage, assign, allocate, and monitor VPN connections team-wide. It’s a centralized system to help you efficiently manage VPN in your organization.

You get access to 3,000+ servers to reach content around 32 countries. You can choose among 20+ dedicated server locations for better accessibility.

Along with one-click security, you also get third-party authentication to enable verified logins for your staff. And you also get priority customer support 24×7 from certified professionals at NordVPN.

Other features include

  • Secure connection
  • Shared gateways
  • Private gateways
  • Team management
  • Team management
  • Encrypted connections
  1. 4.12.Pricing

Regular NordVPN’s subscription has four different plans

  • A three-year plan for $3.49/month
  • A two-year plan for $4.99/month.
  • One-year plan for $6.99/month
  • And a one-month plan for $11.95.

All of these subscriptions will help you secure multiple devices at your place. 

With each plan, you can connect up to six devices, router, iOS, Windows, Android, and iOS.

You can pay through credit card, debit card, Google Pay, PayPal, or cryptocurrencies. 

All your plans are covered with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, whenever you feel stuck somewhere, you can instantly reach out to their support and claim your refund. 

Additionally, you can get assistance from customer support on email, ticket, and live chat. 

NordVPN Teams only have yearly and monthly plans. 

With a monthly plan, you can purchase 

  • Basic for $7/user/month
  • Advanced for $9/user/month
  • Enterprise for custom cybersecurity platform
  1. 4.13.Editor’s Rating – Here, we will rate it from 5 stars.

Note: We will write about this section after adding the OOKLA screenshots. Thing is, if I rate NordVPN from 5 stars, I don’t have any stats to prove the claim. I can write personalized comments, feedbacks and views, if we have screenshots. 

  1. How to setup NordVPN 
    1. 1.1.PC 

NordVPN has client software for Windows users. 

To install and use NordVPN on your Windows system, here’s the step-by-step procedure.

Note: This process works on Windows 7, 8.1, and 10.

Step 1: Download the setup file and install it on your Windows system.

Download NordVPN for Windows
Image Credit: NordVPN

Step 2: Post-installation, double click on the desktop shortcut of NordVPN.

Now, enter your credentials and hit the sign-in button.

Step 3: Connecting to a server. 

As soon as you do that, you will have the main screen of the NordVPN. It has a map where NordVPN servers’ locations are pinpointed on the map to get the destinations’ comprehensive idea.

At the menu bar of the software, you will get three options on the left. 

Quick Connect
Image Credit: NordVPN

In the center, you will get a button, Quick connect, to automatically connect to a preferred server, which is the most suitable as per your current location and internet activity.

NordVPN runs background checks and several algorithms to understand your internet connection and its existing server parameters. They will then automatically connect you with the most suitable server that gives you high-speed and robust performance. 

Now, you don’t have to search for the fastest and most reliable server at the given moment. NordVPN will automatically do that for you.

You can hover over other pinpointed connections and choose your preferred country. Just click on a location, and you will be connected. 

Once you get connected, the pinpointed sign will turn green.

If you don’t do anything, you will have a dialogue box from the software. 

This will help you find the most suitable server as per your need. The dialogue box will ask you a question of what particular activity that you wish to do at that particular time, and based on your inputs, VPN will connect you with a suitable server. 

You can also search the server by entering the name of the country, city, or server code. 

Once connected, you can close the program, hidden to the system tray of your desktop.

1.2 Mac

For macOS, you can install NodeVPN’s native software with two different methods. 

Nord recommends installing through IKEv2, but you can also do it through the OpenVPN version. We are going to discuss both.

Let’s understand how you can do it with the IKEv2 application. Please note that this one is compatible with macOS 10.12 and later versions.

Step 1: You have to install the NordVPN IKEv2 app from the app store.

After that, you have to go to the launchpad and double-click on the NordVPN IKE icon.

Download NordVPN App for Mac
Image Credit: NordVPN

Step 2: From the top-right corner, you can log in or register your account on NordVPN.

Step 3: Connecting to servers

After logging in, you will get a quick connect button at the top-right corner. Click on it to automatically connect to the recommended server. 

NordVPN does a few calculations at the back end and finds the best suitable server for your needs in the given moment.

If you are doing it for the first time, you will have to confirm your Mac’s password and click on Always Allow through your keychain.

On the left side, you will get a country list to choose your preferred location. 

You can also go to a respective pinpointed location on the map, and click on the mark. It will turn green, and you will get protected status on the top of the software.

You can also enter a specific server’s name, code, and number to connect directly without finding it.

You can see servers through the bifurcation city-wise. You can select the country and choose a specific region or server to connect to.

If you are frequently connecting from that location, you can also set that as your favorites. Then, that server will be shown in the list of my favorites inside the NordVPN software.

Another way is to set up the NordVPN OpenVPN application on macOS.

First, you have to download the OpenVPN package by going to on your web browser.

Once you go through the installation procedure and complete the installation on your system, you will see login details at the bottom of the software.

You can enter your credentials to sign in to your NordVPN account.

Then, the rest of the process is the same as what we have discussed above in the IKEv2 application of NordVPN software.

1.3 Mobile 

NordVPN has got great coverage of devices. 

If you have a smartphone, you can also utilize NordVPN on it. 

NordVPN has got native applications on both the leading mobile operating systems, Android and iOS.

On Android

For Android, go to the Play Store and search NordVPN. Select the option and tap on install. 

Download NordVPN for Android
Image Credit: NordVPN

After installing, open the application to get the main screen.

From the main screen, you can either sign in or register an account with NordVPN.

Enter the credentials of the existing node VPN account. 

If you are signing in the application for the first time, it will notify you of its CyberSec feature. 

CyberSec Feature
Image Credit: NordVPN

Ensure that you always turn on the CyberSec feature, which is the robust in-house functionality that saves users from visiting phishing and malware sites.

The quick connect is an option that is also available on mobile apps to save time for users.

When you connect for the first time, Android will show you a warning message, which always comes for all the VPN applications. Anyway, click on the checkboxes and press ok.

If you want to choose a specific country server, you can go to any country and tap on a quick connection. The application will find out the best server of that country and automatically connect you.

If you want to have more control, you can also swipe up the country’s card to find different server locations in cities.

You can tap on three dots next to a country and select a specific strategy followed by a specific server.

You can also find out about their special server. Swipe up once again on the home screen, and you will see P2P, dedicated IP, OpenVPN servers, etc. 

Based on the input you provide, the application will automatically connect you with respective servers.

If you like a particular VPN server, you can set it for your favorites. You have to click on the heart icon with a particular server. Once you do that, the server location will come under My Favorites section.

So this is the basic overview of how you can set up and use NordVPN on Android devices. 

You can go to settings to get CyberSec, local network discovery, split tunneling, auto-connect, TCP, custom DNS, and other useful features.


The similar process also applies to iOS devices. 

You can utilize the iOS application on your iPhone and iPad.

Go to the App Store and search for NordVPN.

Download NordVPN for iOS
Image Credit: NordVPN

When you find out the application, tap on download.

After installing, tap on the application icon. 

If you are doing it for the first time, you will get privacy notifications. Click on, Agree & Continue.

Now, you can either register or log in to NordVPN.

After this, you will get a screen with a quick connect button. The rest of the process is similar to Android devices’.

When you connect node VPN for the first time through your iOS device, you will get a popup notification to allow VPN to add a VPN configuration. 

This is a standard warning that comes with every VPN provider. Click on allow.

If you are using touch id, you might have to confirm your choice with your fingerprint.

Then you will automatically connect to the best server available in the given time. You can also type on country or server code for a specific connection.

You will also see available countries and special servers by swiping up on the home screen. 


Go to the Chrome web store and search for the NordVPN extension.

Now, you can connect to VPN servers on your browser.

This will give you great flexibility. You can browse the web anonymously irrespective of whichever platform you are using.

As soon as we install the browser, you can get a layout to connect to a VPN server. 

You can let the NordVPN choose the best server for your connection automatically. 

You can also play with the settings and ensure maximum privacy for your browsing activity.


The similar process has to be followed for Firefox as well.

After finding the extension on the Firefox store, you have to add and download the extension. 

Once you do that, click on the extension to register or login to an account. Then you will get a quick connect option to connect to the best server for you. 

You will also get other necessary settings that you can leverage to get the best suitable connection and user experience.

Common FAQs related to NordVPN

Is NordVPN legal to use? 

Of course, it is. That’s why we are writing this guide in the first place. 

So far, NordVPN has not received any legal or government warrants and reports in its history. 

Therefore, it is genuine to use for daily usage.

How does the free trial work?

You register for a paid plan of NordVPN and get a risk-free trial for 30 days. 

That means you can experience the tool with its full-featured version. And if you are not satisfied with the performance, you can contact the support and get the complete refund.

Does it support setting up the VPN on a smart TV or Apple TV?

No, it does not support Smart TV or Apple TV directly. 

However, you can set up NordVPN on your router to pass the internet connectivity to your smart TV. This way, you can protect your other devices as well.

Will I experience slow internet connectivity? 

The internet speed depends on the activity you are doing and the website you are communicating with. 

Other complex parameters determine the speed of the internet connection. As far as NordVPN impacting your internet speed, you don’t have to worry.

As shown in the screenshots above, NordVPN uses the full bandwidth of your internet connection.

NordVPN has lightning-fast servers that provide a secure connection at high speed.

Is NordVPN Safe?

A: Yes

Is NordVPN Good?

A: Yes 

Comparing NordVPN with alternatives


Expressvpn 9.7/10

Surfshark VPN 9.6/10

Private internet connection 9.5/10

Cyberghost 9.7/10

NordVPN 9.9/10


Expressvpn 9.5/10

Surfshark VPN 9.6/10

Private internet access 9/10

Cyberghost 9/10

NordVPN 9.8/10

User experience

ExpressVPN 9.9/10

Surfshark VPN 9/10

Private internet access 9/10

Cyberghost 8/10

NordVPN 10/10


Expressvpn 10/10

SurfShark VPN 9 /10

Private internet access 8/10

Cyberghost 8.5/10

NordVPN 10/10


Expressvpn 10/10

Surfshark VPN 9/10

Private internet access 8.5/10

Cyberghost 9/10

Nord VPN 9.5/10

Final thoughts 

Should you buy NordVPN? 

NordVPN is arguably one of the best VPN service providers in the market.

It’s different plans and broad coverage of servers make it best suitable for individuals and organizations.

If you have the budget and you are looking for a long term VPN connection, then go with NordVPN without any shadow of a doubt.

Its monthly plan is costly, so I would not recommend going with that if you have limited requirements. But for a more extended period, NordVPN is a no-brainer.


This is it with an in-depth of NordVPN review. Feel free to let me know what you are thinking about NordVPN. NordVPN is the Best VPN for Torrenting.

If you have any more questions or want to add something to the point, let me know in the comments below.

The links shared in this blog are our affiliate links. If you purchase from those links, we will earn a commission that will help serve you better by better content.

Let us know what you think about the blog in the comments below.

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