Top 5 Best VPN for Kodi Streaming [Oct 2020]

VPNs keep your identity safe online, and if you’re using an app like Kodi, chances are you need reinforced security for your data.

A Virtual Private Network creates a shield of encryption around your data, giving you access to faster and more secure internet. 

However, there are hundreds of different VPNs available in the market, and finding the best VPN for Kodi is no easy task. 

Not to worry—we are here to help.

In this article, we have shortlisted the best VPN for Kodi on Firestick, which also happens to be the best VPN for Kodi raspberry pi 3 available in the market. You can use these to stream safely and without any restrictions. If you want to stream more apps on Firestick, make sure you take a look at best VPN for firestick streaming.

In A Rush To Stream Safely? Pick From The Best VPN for Kodi Here!

IPVanish VPN – Best-known P2P supported VPN

ExpressVPN – The fastest VPN around

CyberGhost – Super user-friendly, perfect for beginners

NordVPN – Both fast and secure, making it perfect for streaming

PureVPN – Certified no-logging VPN

Why You Need A VPN For Kodi

Using a VPN with Kodi helps to protect your streaming preferences, online privacy, and personal information. Using a VPN with Kodi can also help you get around geo-blocks!

A VPN is an encrypted connectivity method that helps you to connect your device to the internet anonymously. It also helps you to avoid online surveillance and circumvent tracking of your data from your ISP.

Using a Kodi recommended VPN helps you encrypt all your data transmissions from your Kodi box, safeguarding you from cyber-attacks and hackers. It also protects you from ISP monitoring and tracking by encrypting your data and getting you off the radar, if you will.

Using Kodi third-party add-ons often involves a risk of copyright issues, and using a VPN can help you avoid them.

What to Look for In A VPN For Kodi

The first thing you should look at is the security features. 

Is it encrypted? Does the company log data? Are there any additional security features?

Looking at these parameters should help you narrow your list down. You must also look at the size of the VPN’s network. In general, the bigger the network, the more stable your connection, and the faster your speeds.

Ease of use is a significant consideration. Although using a VPN for Kodi gives you safe access to tons of restricted content, the best VPN for Kodi on Firestick is the one that has an easy to use app available on the Amazon Appstore.

Your budget also has a huge say in what features the VPN you get offers.

Best VPN for Kodi

#1 IPVanish VPN

Best-Known P2P Supported VPN

IPVanish VPN
Image Credit: IPVanish

Pricing and Key Features

  • 2 years – $3.70/month
  • One year – $6.49/month
  • One month – $10/month
  • Number of Servers: 1400 and counting
  • Server Locations: 75 and counting 
  • IP Addresses: 40,000+
  • Maximum Devices Per Connection: 10
  • P2P-Friendly, perfect for unofficial Kodi plugins
  • TOR compatible
  • No traffic logs protect privacy
  • Secure encryption and SOCKS5 proxy eliminate risk of copyright issues
  • Decent speed, good for 4K streaming
  • Support takes 1-2 days to respond
  • Affordable, but not cheap
  • Only a few servers unblock Netflix

Bottom Line

IPVanish strikes the right balance between speed, security, and reliability; however, it’s a tad bit too expensive for the value it provides. IPVanish is the best VPN for Kodi.

#2 ExpressVPN

The Fastest VPN Around

Image Credit: ExpressVPN

Pricing and Key Features

  • 12 months – $8.32/month
  • Six months – $9.99/month
  • One month – $12.95/month
  • Number of Servers: Over 3000
  • Server Locations: 160 and counting
  • IP Addresses: 30,000+
  • Maximum Devices Per Connection: 5
  • Torrent-friendly servers play well with Kodi
  • Supports almost every platform, including Raspberry Pi!
  • 99.99% uptime ensures no lapses in streaming sessions
  • Many security protocols available
  • Unlimited bandwidth, perfect for 4K streaming
  • More expensive than a lot of other VPNs
  • Limited security configuration

Bottom Line

ExpressVPN supports all platforms and is one of the most reliable VPNs out there, but its high price holds it back from being the best VPN for Kodi.

#3 CyberGhost

Super User-Friendly, Perfect for Beginners

CyberGhost VPN
Image Credit: CyberGhost

Pricing and Key Features

  • 2 years – $2.75/month
  • One year – $4.89/month
  • One month – $12.99/month
  • Number of Servers: 6500 and counting
  • Server Locations: 90 countries, 112 locations
  • IP Addresses: NA
  • Maximum Devices Per Connection: 7 simultaneous connections
  • Live chat support
  • Zero logging policy mitigates risks of copyright issues
  • Easy unblocking on all devices
  • Fast speeds make it perfect for 4K streaming
  • Excellent pricing
  • No LAN connections allowed; you must secure devices separately
  • Patchy streaming in China and UAE

Bottom Line

If you’re looking to get good value for your money and want a VPN that makes no compromises, CyberGhost is right for you. CyberGhost is the best VPN for Kodi.

#4 NordVPN

Both Fast and Secure, Making It Perfect for Streaming

Image Credit: NordVPN

Pricing and Key Features

  • 3 years – $3.49/month
  • Two years – $4.99/month
  • One year – $6.99/month
  • One month – $11.95/month
  • Number of Servers: 5,550 and counting
  • Server Locations: 59 countries 
  • IP Addresses: NA
  • Maximum Devices Per Connection: Six 
  • Double VPN feature – unbeatable security
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • P2P-friendly, perfect for unofficial Kodi add-ons
  • Consistently fast speeds, buffer-free 4K streaming
  • Netflix unblocking support
  • P2P only allowed on few servers
  • Some locations get slow connections
  • OpenVPN configuration is not user-friendly
  • Good pricing only if you buy annual, biennial, or triennial plans.

Bottom Line

NordVPN is super popular, and for good reason – it’s fast, secure, and reliable!

However, if you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, you have to buy their annual, biennial, or triennial plans. NordVPN is the best VPN for Kodi.

#5 PureVPN

Certified No-Logging VPN

Image Credit: PureVPN

Pricing and Key Features

  • Six months – $8.33/month
  • One month – $10.95/month
  • One-week trial – $0.99
  • Number of Servers: 2,000+
  • Server Locations: 140 countries, 180+ locations
  • IP Addresses: 300,000+
  • Maximum Devices Per Connection: 10
  • Easy to use apps
  • Kill switch circumvents data leaks
  • Decent pricing
  • Obfuscated server bypassing possible – unrestricted access to content
  • Torrent-friendly, perfect for Kodi plugins
  • Slow to connect, servers time out
  • Pricing only apt for regular users
  • Getting support can take time

Bottom Line

PureVPN works well for some and is very sluggish for others. Getting the trial and checking out the service in your location is the best way to ensure that you will have a pleasant experience. PureVPN is the best VPN for Kodi.


Here’s a quick comparison table of the best VPN for Kodi.

Lowest Price$3.70$8.32$2.75$3.49$8.33
500+ ServersYes YesYesYesYes
P2P SupportYesYesYes Yes Yes
Free TrialNo (30-day money-back guarantee with every plan)No (risk-free 30-day trial)YesNo (risk-free one-month trial only)No ($0.99 one-week trial available)
Mobile appYesYesYesYesYes
24/7 supportLive chat 24/7Live chat 24/7Live chat 24/7Live chat 24/7Live chat 24/7
Netflix unblockingYesYes Yes YesYes
Simultaneous connections1057610
No logging policyYesYesYesYesYes

FAQs About VPNs On Kodi 

Q: How can a VPN improve my experience on Kodi?

A: The answer is a little complicated. If you’re using official add-ons and repositories on your Kodi setup, the VPN will only keep your data safe, but not improve speed or accessibility per se.

If you use unofficial add-ons, though, a VPN can supercharge your Kodi experience.

The VPN will encrypt and anonymize your online activity. Most VPNs on the market (and every VPN on this list) employ military-grade encryption, making it impossible to track the activity from unofficial add-ons.

Most VPNs also do not keep a log of your activity, ensuring that no tracks of any activity are left behind.

Additionally, getting a VPN helps disable your ISPs tracking efforts. Many countries around the world are authorized to monitor your traffic without a warrant. 

If you’re using Kodi to stream content for free, there’s a high chance of you receiving a DMCA notice. You may even need to fight off a copyright infringement lawsuit!

VPNs are a cheap way to circumvent all of these risks – ISPs won’t be able to tell if you’re streaming at all!

Additionally, since they can’t tell if you’re streaming or not, they will have no grounds to throttle your connection!

VPNs also enable you to bypass geo-blocks and get around censorship to consume content without restrictions. You can also get access to your favorite shows earlier than usual with a VPN!

Q: How to use a VPN with Kodi?

A: You can use a VPN with your Kodi setup in three ways. The first way is to run the VPN on the device you’re using Kodi on – be it a Windows PC, a Macbook, or an Android TV.

The second way is to configure the VPN on your router so it tunnels all of your data through the VPN.

The third and least efficient way is to install third-party VPN add-ons on Kodi and manage your VPN connection from the add-on.

Q: What are the risks of using Kodi without a VPN?

A:  Since Kodi is an open-source project, if anything happens to you or your data because of Kodi, you’re the only one responsible.

Therefore, you must take extra care to ensure the safety of your data. Using unofficial add-ons is alright, but if you enter your credentials on Kodi, the risks of you getting hacked are high.

This is because once you install a repository on Kodi, it has access to your whole system. If you have a standalone box, this might not be an issue. However, if you run Kodi on your laptop or desktop, your data is at risk.

If you do run Kodi on your computer, getting a VPN reduces the chances of man-in-the-middle attacks, malware attacks, and honeypot attacks.

Using a VPN on a standalone Kodi machine ensures that even if a hacker manages to install malware, it doesn’t spread to the rest of your home network.

You must also remember that your Kodi setup is not anonymous – even if you don’t enter any of your details, you’re still identifiable.

VPNs enable you to keep your data private. If you’re going to use Netflix or other streaming services, use real names or identifiable usernames, or enter any credentials without a VPN, your data is up for grabs.

Since you’re also displaying your real IP address, location, ISP, and potentially your identity when you use Kodi, anybody and everybody can intercept it.

Using Kodi without a VPN is like leaving your door unlocked. Anyone from law enforcement, to copyright trolls, to skilled criminals can just waltz in and cause trouble that could be avoided in the first place.

Q: How do I know the VPN is working?

A: Before you enable your VPN, check your IP address and make a mental note of it.

After you connect to your VPN, recheck your IP address. If it’s different and pertinent to the country you chose to route your data to, the VPN is working.

While you’re at it, you should also run a DNS leak test, which also checks your IP. You will know if your IP address is masked or not.

Q: Which VPNs should I avoid for Kodi?

A: If you’re using unofficial Kodi add-ons, your data is at substantial risk, and you must only get reliable VPNs that don’t sell your data. 

Checking the company’s reputation is an excellent way to ensure that your data is private. Google the company and find out if it has leaked data before, or has been hacked before – the reports on the internet should give you a general idea if a VPN is trustworthy or not.

Some VPNs you must avoid at all costs include EarthVPN, ExaptSurfer, Liberty VPN, and Onavo Protect.

Best VPN for Kodi Deals for you in 2020

CyberGhost Save 79%!

NordVPN Save 70%!

ExpressVPN Save 49%!

Kodi media player has become a top-rated home entertainment app, offering movies, TV shows, live sports, and live IPTV channels. 

Some Kodi add-ons fail to load content due to geo-restrictions and internet censorship obstructions. VPNs can help you get around these restrictions.

In our experience, we find ExpressVPN to be the best VPN for Kodi. They have a large network of servers spread across the globe relatively evenly, so speed and connectivity shouldn’t be a problem. 

You can also unblock Netflix and connect up to ten devices simultaneously, and although it’s the most expensive VPN on the list, its performance and reliability get you fantastic value for your money. 

We have, with this explained to you, the best VPN for Kodi available in the current market for Kodi users. Buy the best VPN for Kodi online.

Which VPN do you like best? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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